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Couples and Engagement

Capturing your engagement session should be inspired by personalities, special interests/hobbies, as well as, an inspirational location. My goal as your photographer is to create a moment in time that you are proud of and that will keep the passion between the two of you alive, as you look back at the memories created. Contact First Light Photography to schedule a free consultation.


Maternity photographs become priceless memories. My goal is to create beautiful pictures, while keeping the mother comfortable. Maternity sessions can be on-location, including the mother's home. I encourage this setting! Contact First Light Photography to discuss how we can capture this moment for you and to schedule a free consultation. 


Precious moments of a newborn go by so quickly. My hope is to create lifestyle pictures of your newborn. This will make them one of a kind. Newborn sessions are encouraged to be taken in the home. It is beautiful to capture the baby's first pictures in the comfort of home. Contact First Light Photography to find out more about our newborn sessions and to schedule a free consultation.


Capturing lifestyle moments for your family is a unique and inspirational way to create timeless portraits.  My goal as your photographer is to capture a family picture that will tell a story. The story is told by you, your children, your pets, and anyone else that is special. Contact us for further details and to schedule a free consultation. 


Thinking about graduation can be overwhelming. My goal with senior clients is to make this process as easy as possible. Senior sessions are on-location of choice.Contact First Light Photography for a free consultation. 

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